It's cool to be Smarter.

Professional hybrid photography education.

The profession of photography is changing.

Customers are asking more and more for the images we create to be viewed on screens instead of sheets of paper. Soon, we will be selling these electronic images that we call "eProducts" more than we do the glorious printed products we adore. Forward-thinking photographers are discovering eProducts that gently and skillfully blend photo+video+audio are profitable, easy to sell and fun to make.  Welcome to the age of Hybrid.
Hybrid Photography encourages we photographers to build strong and reliable video and audio skills, learn basic editing and delivery systems, and then to blur the lines between all of them.
How do you learn all this?  Join us.  Click the CHANNELS link to see how you can grow along with us as the best and most profitable eProduct-makers on the block.
The future is fun, profitable, and hybrid.

-Will Crockett Coach of the Hybrid Heroes 

The Smarter Photo Network is a division of Crockett and Co.  
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