It's cool to be Smarter.

Professional hybrid photography education.

The profession of photography is changing.
We used to shoot commercial and family portraits using still photography for magazines, catalogs and for customers picture frames. Now we shoot portraits and talking portraits for websites, iPads, phones and picture frames too using still photography and video and audio and graphics and music. 
That's a big change.
We are now skilled hybrid photographers that are as comfy shooting video as we are photo.  Our equipment is small, easy and wonderfully powerful as we have migrated from DSLR and medium format digital backs into mirrorless cameras and love them. We've added audio recording, simple video editing, some cool eProducts that replace printed photo products, and we've replaced our strobes with LED panels and business is flourishing.
All of our new customers are coming to us for our hybrid services and eProducts.
We think just about all of the still photo only photography studios are about to be replaced by hybrid photography studios, so please adapt and thrive with us? You are very welcome to join in.  Click the CHANNELS link to see how you can learn more and when you are ready to move to LED lighting, please take a look at our light shaping tools?
The future is fun, profitable, and hybrid.

-Will Crockett Coach of the Hybrid Heroes 

The Smarter Photo Network is a division of Crockett and Co.  
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